SPS Coral

Most of our coral comes from our collections or collections of our friends and enthusiasts we have met in our years in the hobby. We take great pride in our collections, and care to keep our systems pest free. We have multiple systems including intake quarantine systems for new arrivals. All of our corals are dipped, inspected and quarantined, and hand-selected for color and health. Your selection SPS coral will be packed with care, expertise, and confidence. We will not ship any coral that shows signs of stress. If for any reason you place an order and your selection does not meet our criteria we will contact you before shipping. 
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mrreefs.com Acro Frag Pack - 5 Killer Frags
mrreefs.com Acro Frag Pack - 10 Killer Frags
mrreefs.com Acro - California Tort
mrreefs.com Acro - Miagi Tort
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Sold Out
mrreefs.com Montipora - MR Neon Stars
mrreefs.com ORA Mint Pavona
mrreefs.com Acro RR The Vihn
mrreefs.com Bubblegum Digi
Sold Out
mrreefs.com Acro - WWC Aqua Delight
Sold Out
mrreefs.com Walt Disney Multi Branch
Sold Out
mrreefs.com Walt Disney
Sold Out
mrreefs.com RR Orange Passion


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