Equipment & Tanks

We like to sell what we use. From our lights to our equipment we stand behind it. Our main systems we use Reef Brites for the lighting. We use the Halide and XHO combinations to two of the SPS tanks, and we use a ATI and XHO combination on two others. We have a LPS and Softie system using XR30's Gen4 Pro's and use the XHO 50/50 on our intake and QT tank. Our main system is driven by Red Dragon pumps. The main is the 230w and it packs a punch! We use the external Bubble King Skimmers and run a combination of Octo Pulse and Ecotechs on our other systems.

Frag & AIO Tanks

Red Dragon - Royal Exclusive

Reef Octopus

Reef Brite Lighting

Sumps & More!


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